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java vs javascript

Java vs Javascript – which one is better

Both Java and Javascript are two strong languages, which are often considered as distant cousins by programmers and developers who are new to programming and web development. It has always been a part of debate that out of these which one is better than another. And, an accurate answer could not be found because both Java and Javascript are best in their own worlds despite the fact both can be used for the same purpose, for example, in creation of websites.

There are several similarities in both while there are many differences as well. For example,

  • Both are Object Oriented Programming languages. Java is a programming language while JavaScript is a scripting language.
  • While programing structures are similar in both, JavaScript becomes a winner among average programmers because it has much smaller and simpler commands than Java.
  • Both can be used to create similar programs and generate same results on the web but the amount of work required is less in JavaScript than Java.
  • Java has Applets, which make it standalone but JavaScript has to be used within an html page to function, which means it is not standalone, but its execution is fast.
  • Java is a winner in mobile devices, apps, and at many places that do not even require interference of a webpage but JavaScript needs a webpage running on a browser that can interpret JavaScript.

As you see both have their own distinct features while having some similarities, now a days, JavaScript is taking over Java when it comes to Web.

Let us see the advantages of JavaScript:

  • One of the main advantage of JavaScript is it is easy to understand, and even a newbie  programmer / developer can easily get hold on its commands’ set while Java is not that easy to understand.
  • With JavaScript, one can easily create web page events using its event handlers, which can be used along with existing HTML code.
  • Both Java and JavaScript are used to create interactive webpages by setting up an interaction between the user and the web but both works differently. Java is rigid while JavaScript offers more freedom per object creation and execution.
  • The code you write using JavaScript works for both Server and the browser making it easier for you to migrate it from one to another. For example, you have developed code for the browser but there is a requirement to move that on the server arises; you can easily do it, and there are maximum chances that the same JavaScript code will work in the browser and on the server. However, in case of Java, you will have to write two different codes.
  • JavaScript is the need of an hour for modern websites including banking websites, e-commerce websites, and so on. And, this is the reason, all modern browser support JavaScript – be it on a PC or a mobile phone. JavaScript is a winner on the Web.
  • JavaScript has JSON, which many web services and databases use to return data, but in case of Java, there are libraries used as JSON parser adding extra weightage to the code’s execution.

Here you see, both have their own advantages, but on the web, in terms of simplicity, speed, and functionalities, JavaScript is a winner.