NodeJS – “Should of had a V8”

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Taller Concepts & NodeJS

Built on Google Chrome’s V8, Node.js is JavaScript runtime for backend coding. Here at Taller Concepts we know you should’ve had a V8, no mess about it. Just as the V8 cylinder is built for speed and performance, the Chrome V8 platform and Node.js language are meant for applications and website that are ready to run. Another benefit is that Node.js is open source, which allows multiple users to interact with and tweak it: “Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js’ package ecosystem, npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world,” according to

Taller Concepts uses Node.js and similar frameworks because we don’t want the inefficiency of thread-based networks to slow us or our services down. We run fast, just like the V8 many people wished they had. Instead of wishing and hoping for something faster and more efficient, we at Taller Concepts get right to work with the best platforms available to save time and productivity. One of the things that makes Node.js so fast and efficient is the lack of start-the-event loop calls, like in other platforms. Instead, Node.js gets right to work, just like the partners at Taller Concepts, where both height and speed factor into our decision-making processes. We don’t have time to slow down with start-the-event loop calls and other redundancies.

We hit the ground running and rev our V8 engine-like imaginations and skill sets. TNW News touted Node.js as the “the cool new kid on the JavaScript block” and the 4.0 version as “finally stable.” Since that article, which appeared in September, Node.js is now completely stable and ready to ramp up the development world. TNW continued by explaining, “It also brings first-class support for ARM processors for the first time, and the Node foundation has built an extensive testing suite to ensure it works consistently across Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, SmartOS and ARM devices.” Taller Concepts will use that consistency across platforms to build all of our web services including website design, website hosting, e-commerce, cloud computing, branding, SEO, app development, and more. With the consistency across multiple browsers and systems, anything and everything we build for our customers will offer consistent, pleasant, and reliable experiences for users, whether they are logging on from a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device. With the power and speed of V8’s Node.js on our side, we dominate the development landscape and zoom past our competition to put our clients first and foremost.